Getting ready to go abroad

By Jackie Nicolosi

I am about to embark on the study abroad process; and surprisingly there are more students involved in study abroad then I originally thought.  The beginning of this process is easy. First let me say that I have wanted to do this my whole life. It is a dream of mine to travel and it was one of the things on my list of credentials when I was searching for colleges to attend; they had to have study abroad opportunities. Once I found that place, that place being Rider, I went straight to my advisor. Once she knew the deal and that this had to fit into my four year plan, it was planned to happen spring of Sophomore year.

I highly suggest that you plan accordingly. Make sure it works out and all the classes fit. You don’t want to be here longer then you have to. I have it planned to take all general electives while I am abroad. That way I don’t have to worry about important, major-based classes not transferring to Rider. With that done, the next step was finding the program that would take me abroad. I chose the CAPA London Program. CAPA has many different programs to other locations as well. Each program will suit you and your classes best; you will just have research and ask questions. The International Education Center is a great place to make an appointment and ask all kinds of questions, they will provide answers.

After I knew CAPA was my program I had to apply with Rider first. If what you have is acceptable to Rider and you are accepted, you will move on to applying for the program itself. To apply to Rider use This website will ask you to pick the program and then just follow the checklist and steps. For Rider you will need an essay, two Rider employee recommendations, the $150 application fee and official transcript. All of these will be due at a specific date and then checked to move forward to acceptance.

After acceptance there will be page of paperwork to read, sign and hand in to be taken care of. I have only gotten to the “after being accepted part” so I will keep you posted on what all the rest will consist of. As for now I am just super excited and ready for this adventure.

To start your study abroad process or just to get an idea, go the website I gave above or visit the Center located on the 2nd floor of the BLC.

Let’s go abroad!

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