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Meet the artist — Joy Kreves

Joy Kreves is a mixed-media artist, combining traditional mediums like paint and sculpture with items from nature to create her pieces. Her show “Translating Nature” can be found on the second floor of the BLC for the rest of the month. The Rider News caught up with the artist on Oct. 5 to discuss her work.

What was your inspiration when creating these works?

Some of the pieces, like “Solastalgia” and “Biography of a Moth,” began with an inspiration from the physical materials and a desire to relate those materials to our physical, emotional and intellectual environment. Other works, like “Electron Madness” and “Electron Playground,” began with ideas about quantum physics, which I learned a little about mostly from watching a documentary movie and a bit of reading. Our world is so visually rich. I wanted to combine real, natural elements of that richness with concepts.

What’s your favorite medium to work in?

What I like best is to combine mediums because that reflects the way different materials are combined in our surroundings. When I look outside I see a variety of materials: trees, cement, metal, water, plastic, etc. So I like my work to include a mix of materials, instead of using one medium to create an illusion of space and texture.

What is your favorite piece to date?

Usually my favorite piece is my latest piece. In this show I poured my heart and soul into “Solastalgia,” “Biography of a Moth” and “River,” perhaps a little more than some other, less major works.

Why do you incorporate poetry into your more visual pieces?

Human life incorporates language, sound and vision as ways of experiencing for most people. The division of music, visual art and writing into separate areas of creativity has always struck me as a false division. I enjoy writing, and sometimes I feel that the work will be richer in a sympathetic way when my writing and visual art are combined. For example, I do not see the sculpture “River” as an illustration of the poem it contains, but tried to create a sculpture that could hold and enhance the feeling of the poem. They were intended to go together all along.
—Emily Eiermann

“Electron Madness” shows an array of objects made from porcelain and bamboo, all painted red, with hand-written words behind them to describe Kreves’ thoughts. The piece depicts ideas of quantum mechanics and the art-making process.
The key theme in “Beautiful Life” is monkeys, displaying three 3-D monkeys and a drawn one on the bottom.
“Biography of a Moth” details different aspects of a moth’s lifespan using a variety of items traditionally found in nature, including moss.
“Solastalgia” spans across an entire wall, using paintings, branches, yarn and other materials to depict a river.
A combination of yarn, porcelain, Plexiglas and graphite on paper and wood were used to create “Slices of Nature.”
An assortment of hand-crafted ceramic flowers make up “Spring Exuberance.”
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