From the Editor: SEC aims to remix acts for fall concert

Rumors tend to fly back and forth between students until the official announcement is made about the Student Entertainment Council’s (SEC) most popular event on campus: the fall concert.
Many students were surprised when they learned that R&B artist and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland would be the headlining act for the concert this year, along with an opening pop-rock band, We The Kings, and rap newcomer, KAPTN.
Students have complained it was not fair that hip-hop/rap artists were chosen as the concert headliners for the past two years. This fall, many students were pleased to find out that the main act for the Oct. 4 concert is an R&B artist.
The buzz about the concert has been continuous since the announcement was made on Aug. 31. Students are excited for this year’s choice, and the reception of this year’s pick seems better than in previous years.
“I think it’s good that it’s someone more well-known this year,” said senior public relations major Gina DeAngelo.
It’s true, the combination of genres is a little out of the ordinary. It’s not every day that a rapper and a pop-rock band open for a famous R&B artist. It seems the SEC is genuinely trying to please everyone by getting musical artists from three different spectrums of the music industry. Unfortunately, the SEC will face criticism no matter which artist is selected to perform at Rider.
“It’s a pretty strange combination,” said senior public relations major Harrison Regen. “Kelly Rowland is an R&B artist and We The Kings is a random rock group. I’m not much of an R&B fan, so what’s my motivation to go?”
Others say that though the genres are different, the contrast might be good for the campus.
“I think it’s a really odd combination,” said Sarah Scarantino, an elementary education graduate student. “Personally, I’m only a fan of We The Kings, but I can see how the two genres would blend together for a campus with such a wide variety of music tastes.”
In the past, Rider not only had a fall concert, but a spring one as well. Many other colleges and universities such as our neighboring school The College of New Jersey, are known for having two concerts a year. If the SEC split up the big fall concert into two smaller ones each semester, there could be an even bigger reception. The SEC should look into this idea after seeing the final attendance results and student reviews on Friday.
Whether you are happy with the musical acts that were picked for this year’s fall concert or not, it is evident that the SEC is trying to respond to students’ feedback.
DeAngelo says she believes that the SEC is listening to what the students have said over the past few years by getting an artist outside of the hip-hop genre.
The concert at the end of the week may be one that students are still buzzing over for the rest of the semester. Until then, the chatter and excitement will continue until the first artist takes the stage.
Hopefully the SEC has finally gotten it right and the students who attend the concert are pleased with their hard work.

The weekly editorial expresses the
majority opinion of The Rider News.
This week’s editorial was written by the Opinion Editor, Danielle Gittleman.

Printed in the 10/2/13 edition.

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