From the Editor: Rider brings rap back for campus concert

The announcement of a big event is one that is usually met with great excitement, yet lately the grand unveiling of who will be performing at the fall concert has been followed by a sigh of, “of course” by most students at Rider.
On Sept. 7, at the I Love College event in the Cavalla Room of the Bart Ludeke Center (BLC), the Student Entertainment Council (SEC) announced this year’s fall concert performer — J. Cole. While some students were excited about this surprise, most were left with a feeling of fall concert déjà vu, seeing as J. Cole is just another solo artist to add to the list of past performances.
As a rap artist, J. Cole has certainly made a name for himself, having his most recent album, Cole World debuting at number one on the Billboard 200, according to This makes him an exciting star in the music realm to grace the Rider stage. However, for the past three years, SEC has hosted solo artist after solo artist of the same genre, such as Sean Kingston in 2009, Jason Derulo in 2010 and Lupe Fiasco in 2011.
According to Nick Barbati, coordinator of Campus Life, this year the SEC really looked into getting someone different that more students would enjoy. A big problem that has constantly arisen is the costliness of artists of different genres and bands as opposed to solo artists.
While J. Cole is here to stay as this year’s fall concert performer, it would be helpful if SEC along with the Office of Campus Life could plan a way to raise more money toward artists that please the majority. By holding fundraising events on campus and making students aware of ways to raise money for this, people will be open to contributing, which in the end will pay off for them.
Trying to combine efforts with other student organizations, such as the Student Government Association (SGA) or the Residence Hall Association (RHA), may provide a monetary solution that can allow for a concert people would be excited about.

The weekly editorials express the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorials were written by the Opinion Editor, Kristy Grinere.

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