From the Editor: Reaping benefits of campus clubs

Whether you’re a freshman, transfer student or senior at Rider, it is never too late to get involved on campus and there are a variety of ways to do so. Between clubs, campus jobs and recreational or intramural sports, it’s almost difficult not to be involved in some sort of organization on campus. With so many different ways to be a part of something, you’re sure to find an organization that fits your interests and schedule.
There are a variety of clubs on campus that all have different goals and serve specific purposes. For example, some clubs are academic, such as entrepreneurial studies or the History Club, and there are service clubs, like the Community Service Council and RiderSERVES.
There are some clubs that pertain to certain skills, such as campus media organizations like the Rider University Network (R.U.N.), 107.7 The Bronc radio station and even our own The Rider News. Others are just fun and help create interesting events around campus, like the Adventure Club, which goes rock climbing and whitewater rafting, and the Student Entertainment Council (SEC), which helps organize the fall concerts and comedians that come to Rider.
Clubs also include recreational sports, which aren’t as demanding as the Division I sports teams are and act as a fun way to relieve the stresses of the day by playing something you enjoy.
Organizations on campus range from Greek Life, which consists of a number of both social and academic sororities and fraternities, to student organizations, such as Student Government Association (SGA) and Residence Hall Association (RHA).
Another way you can get involved is by landing a campus job. Working on campus gives you great skills for the real world, a good sense of responsibility and also makes you feel like you are truly a part of the Rider community. It also allows you to get to know the faculty and administration.
Considering the average student has a lot of work on his or her plate with just classes, it may seem like there isn’t enough time for a club, job or recreational sport. However, making time for an organization that you have an interest in can act as a fun break within your mundane class schedule.
Being an active member of a campus group of your choice not only looks good on a future résumé, but can also heighten the college experience and allow you to learn and see new things outside of the classroom.

The weekly editorials express the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorials were written by the Opinion Editor, Kristy

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