From the Editor: New Daly’s menu serves up changes

Every mealtime we are faced with making lap after lap around Daly’s to decide what to eat. That’s a sign Daly’s is offering a bigger variety of foods and stations, but some students (especially those who are picky eaters) always turn to the ol’ reliable foods, such as a slice of pizza or a hamburger. Even though these are “safe” foods, they aren’t exactly the healthiest choices that Daly’s has to offer, and eating them day after day is not good for our bodies.
This year, Daly’s has implemented a new menu on the Lawrenceville campus. Last year, based on the feedback from students and staff, the decision was made to change the meals up. However, even though there’s a new menu, it seems as if some students didn’t even notice it.
“I had no idea that there was a change officially,” said junior business administration and entrepreneurial studies major Lloyd Vliet. “It wasn’t what I was expecting at all.”
Despite some students not knowing about the menu changes, they’re real. With the help of a brand-new head chef, Victor Caruso, and a reinvented outlook on cooking food, Rider is determined to make students enjoy eating at the dining hall and have something else besides pizza or French fries.
The more you eat at the dining hall, the more you can see that the staff and cooks are really trying to make the food better. In previous years, the menu was repetitive, with some of the same dishes served over and over again every week. It is noticeable so far that many dishes have not been repeated or have been repeated rarely.
“Students’ tastes change and so they try to look to see which menu items that students took more and serve them more often,” said Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Jan Friedman-Krupnick. “So it doesn’t surprise me that sometimes people say, ‘Well they serve too much of X’ because that’s not their personal preference. The goal is to have enough mix that everyone finds something interesting to eat.”
The lack of recurring foods is very refreshing. It gives students a chance to sample different meals they haven’t tried before or indulge in that special dish they miss having at home. The various choices also give students a variety of foods so there’s always something for everyone. Not to mention, Daly’s is promising all-fresh food, cooked right in front of students to and show off the freshness of the meals they’re going to eat.
Even though Daly’s is trying out new dishes, some of the portions at the special stations can be too small. Friedman-Krupnick explained that the university’s intent was to have small dishes for students who just wanted to try the food, as in an upscale restaurant.
Fancy restaurants are known for their elegant meals and notoriously tiny portions. As college students, we work hard and when it’s time to eat, we’re hungry. Students don’t want to have to make multiple trips to grab another plate of tasty nachos or pasta.
“I think that sometimes the portions that the staff serve can be a little too small,” said Jaclyn Jacobs, a junior elementary education major. “Sometimes I have to go up for seconds.”
The number of choices that Daly’s now offers at meal times isn’t always great. Usually, the dining hall has become “hit or miss” at mealtimes. One day, there could be something delicious to you at every station, while other days you’re back to pizza or grilled chicken once again. It’s like hitting the jackpot when there’s food you actually like.
Daly’s is working hard trying to keep the students fed and happy. More importantly, by mixing up the food choices and giving the students a range of options, the monotony of the dining hall is slowly disappearing. It’s evident that the Daly’s staff is trying to make an effort. However, it’s difficult to please everyone. We do give them five stars for their hard work.

The weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Opinion Editor, Danielle Gittleman.

Printed in the 9/25/13 edition.

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