From the Editor: Making a lasting impact

On Saturday, Rider students were dispersed all across the state. Some lined the Jersey Shore, shoes filled with sand and hands gripping garbage bags.  Some laughed with children, led activities and played as though they were kids, too. Some walked the trails in Lawrence, keeping the surrounding nature as clean as it should be. For all of the students involved, Make a Difference Day was cascading with charity and community.

The event was a time set aside for Rider students to step away from campus and help with problems existing in the outside world. It was a great opportunity for all students, as we are fairly privileged to be here, and there’s never any harm in giving back to communities with far less privilege. But now that Saturday is over, is that wonderful opportunity just a part of the past?

There is no specific “day” to make a difference.  Just because the one day that Rider makes these opportunities available has passed does not mean that every new day is one that should be spent without concern or treated selfishly.

In the community around us, there is always a need for volunteers. The Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County is always open to taking individuals who can help kids with homework, sports, computers, SAT prep, interview skills and more.  Students can also fill out a form and volunteer at the Lawrence Nature Center on community projects, by teaching classes and more. Other organizations in this area are always searching for volunteers, and the need for that doesn’t go away as this weekend fades into the past.

Every student should consider donating his or her time to Make a Difference Day next year. As someone who found herself sweeping a beach this past Saturday, I can honestly say that no feeling beats the warmth you get when you know you helped something greater than yourself.

However, it is crucial to remember that help can always be offered, no matter the day or time. Don’t wait to make an impact. If you have time and you care, there’s no need to stall until a single designated day comes along. Treat every day as one to make a difference.


The weekly editorial express the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Opinion Editor Samantha Sawh.


Printed in the 10/28/15 issue. 

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