From the Editor: Include The News

On behalf of the staff of The Rider News, I would like to express our disappointment and confusion over not being invited to the off-campus meetings with the university’s final presidential candidates.

As this institution’s newspaper, we feel our participation is important in representing the voice of the students and helping to select our new leader. We know how to ask less-than-softball questions, and the sooner we get to know the next president, the better we can eventually introduce him or her to our readers.

Dr. Mordechai Rozanski’s selection in 2003 followed open forums with the finalists. In early October of this year, Mike Kennedy, who chairs the Board of Trustees and the Presidential Search Committee, indicated the same would be true this time. He announced meetings “on campus” with the finalists, tentatively in early November. These meetings would provide faculty, staff and students with the chance to learn more about Rozanski’s potential successors.

We respect the committee’s choice to change its mind and keep the search confidential. But on Nov. 25 Kennedy revealed that the final interviews had already taken place off campus. A “broad-range of Rider constituencies” was represented, but not The Rider News.

Our paper has always operated in a professional manner. Keeping information “off the record” has not been an issue for our writers and editors. We have never shown that we are not to be trusted with important information. So why were we not given the chance to participate in these meetings?

As of Dec. 2, only two weeks from winter break, the community still does not have much useful infor- mation besides the fact that final candidates have been chosen. The final decision will now be announced after our last issue of the semester.

We understand that this search process isn’t simple, but the Rider community deserved more infor- mation and participation. We wish we could have played a role in this important decision.


The weekly editorials express the
majority opinion of The Rider News.

This editorial was written by Executive Editor Christopher Brooks.

Printed in the 12/03/14 issue.

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