From the Editor: Don’t get broken by spring break, senioritis

The week of lounging on foreign sands or sleeping days away has come to an end, postponed until the summer. We’re all back at Rider, with a full six weeks left in this semester. It’s only the first week after spring break. We’ve only just gotten back, but still, many of us lack motivation to get any school work done.

This is the point in the semester where students give up on trying and spend time pining for summer instead of doing work for class. For many graduating seniors, this lack of motivation might not even be new, as many start catching the dreaded senioritis as early as the fall semester.

But it’s essential to maintain or gain momentum and finish the semester strong. It’s not the last day or even the last week of classes. There are still nearly six weeks to get through. That means allowing ourselves to idle now is allowing ourselves to miss six weeks of lectures, to ignore six weeks worth of papers and projects, and to disregard six weeks of tests. For most of us, that is a fatal shot to our GPAs.

It’s natural to want to start summer early, but there are ways to rekindle our incentive to work and end this semester on a highnote.

After a relaxing break of minimal responsibilities, returning to school, internships and jobs is a jarring contrast. To stay motivated in the face of this sudden shift, spread work out. Don’t overwhelm yourself by leaving assignments for your three toughest classes for the night before they’re due. Dispersing responsibilities this way makes it seem as though there is less work because you’re not struggling with all of them at the same time.

On that same note, doing work ahead of time clears the way for more free time. We don’t want to be in class or working on homework because there’s something else that we’d rather be doing, whether it’s going out or taking a nap. Finishing assignments early allows for more of that free time we crave.

It also doesn’t help to be hyper-fixated on how much time is left. Yes, there are six weeks of classes remaining, but focusing on the countdown every day might make those weeks drag. It may be more beneficial to think of how much time has already passed, and how much work and stress you’ve already been through. The semester is more than halfway done, which means that more than half of the horror is already over.

And for those of you plagued by senioritis, we’ve been in college for four years or more by now, which means we have poured all of our effort, ambition, and even some blood, sweat and tears into our education. We have to remember that giving up now is essentially taking those years of hard work and reducing it to a few months of laziness and apathy.

In addition, if any of us are planning on going to graduate school, a massive hit to our GPAs means a massive hit to the chances of admission into the programs of our dreams. It’s also a hit to potential scholarships and funding.

But more than that, we should all strive to walk this May to receive our diplomas with absolute pride. We should each walk with our head up, knowing we gave a full four years of effort, time and dedication to that moment. No one should look back and regret their last months of college as the months that dulled our accomplishments or that left a blemish on our records.

The absolute best way to get through the semester, regardless of year, major or course load, is to leave time to do the things we really want to do. If anyone is an artist, leave time to draw or paint. If someone loves photography, delegate time to taking pictures. We all have a passion or a hobby, something that inspires us. Assigning time to do what makes us happy will fight the apathy that comes from that lack of motivation.

However, while it’s important to keep this advice in mind and try to stay inspired this semester, it’s also important to take care of ourselves. Laziness is not the same as being overwhelmed, anxious, burned out or depressed. If any of us need to take it slow or take time to care for ourselves physically or mentally, then we should feel allowed to take that time. School is important, but so is our health.

We need to hang in there, because there’s not much time left. One thing that’s guaranteed, more than test or projects, is that every day ends and a new one begins. And every new day brings us closer to the summer that we’re all yearning for. So don’t count life down, but make every moment and every semester of it really count.


The weekly editorial expresses the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Opinion Editor, Samantha Sawh


Printed in the 3/22/17 issue.

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