From the Editor: Creep into Lawrence

Creatures will come out of the shadows and dance in the glimmering moonlight on Saturday, as Halloween encourages everyone to summon his or her inner beast, goblin or ghoul.

Some in the community will flick off their porch lights and hide in hopes that no boogeyman or boogeywoman knocks on their doors. But no Halloween-Scrooge should keep Rider students from making their way into our surrounding community of Lawrenceville.

Students can give out Rider themed candy by printing out stickers and putting red and white candy together into bags to give to kids who walk by. Westminster students could also join in on the festivities by going Halloween-carroling or playing instruments in the neighborhoods. Playing a song or two could possibly reward you in candy by neighbors and passersby. Small gestures like this could make for an exciting night without a hangover the next day.

While in the community, students should see the smiling faces on every kid that walks by in an Inside Out costume, or the pea-in-the-pod who gets his or her first trick-or-treat. They should see the parents waiting in anticipation as they watch just how much candy fills their child’s pillowcase so they identify what sweets they want to sneak out in the middle of the night.

If each Rider student got out into the community to enjoy the night instead of going out to a party, our university’s relationship with Lawrenceville would strengthen and students just might have fun. This would lead to a positive outbreak of admiration for Rider and lead us to have better bonds with the town that we call home. An outpouring of Rider students just might prompt a shimmer of porch lights, pumpkins and glowing spiders that ignite the night.

Not interested in going into Lawrenceville because you’re too spooky of a character? Try traveling to Bordentown. Every Halloween on Thompson Street, a transformation takes place. This year’s theme is “Alice in Wonderland” and every single house on the street will decorate to that theme. The street metamorphoses into a spectacular display of art, music and festiveness. The display on Thompson Street is one not to be missed and will tend to your inner creature.

Before we know it, our college-stressed lives will turn into career-stressed lives, leading to tax payments, mortgages, loans and 40-hour work weeks. There are only a few years left for us to be our crazy, fun-filled selves. Halloween is a time to forget all the worries of midterms and go out for one night to get wasted, not on alcohol but on the candy and surprises that lurk in the dark.


The weekly editorial express the majority opinion of The Rider News. This week’s editorial was written by the Managing Editor Alexis Schulz.


Printed in the 10/28/15 issue.  

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