From the editor: Closing statement

By Qur’an Hansford

To close out my usual ‘end of the semester’ editorial I want to send a happy and healthy holiday to our student body. As the winter months draw near, I reiterate that we should keep thinking about the people who have or know someone that lost their lives due to the coronavirus, those fighting for their lives and those in recovery. Our hearts go out to the individuals in abusive households with parents or spouses, the homeless, those dealing with mental health that relied on outside distractions. You all are also not forgotten during this difficult time. Take time out to thank and show appreciation for the essential workers that have worked as the cases of COVID-19 gone up. 

In the beginning of the pandemic back in March, we saw citizens racing to grocery stores, waiting in unreasonably long lines and buying in bulk with the belief that the world was ending. We saw society crack under the pressure of having nothing to do but now we are seeing the fear of COVID-19 dwindle as the months go by and as cases go up. We need to treat the coronavirus like we were treating it back in March when cases were down. Now, people, businesses, jobs and universities alike are finding ways to adjust and live with this virus instead of steering clear of minimizing person to person contact. Although returning to normalcy is what we all aspire to achieve, as of right now it is not our reality, there is still work that needs to be done.

I am optimistic that the spring will bloom a new and lively semester that plants the seeds of success and ambition in all of us. Congratulations to all of our December graduates and good luck to our J-term students. 

I wish the last editorial of the semester finds our campus well and in good health and I hope we will be able to engage in a normal semester in the near future. 

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