From the Editor: Changing a system

The faculty negotiations are over and many feel like there is nothing to worry about. However, with the faculty contract up for renewal again in only three years, our younger students may have to watch history repeat itself in Fall 2017.
To avoid these tensions spilling over, the faculty contract should be up for renewal every five years, not three. It is unfair to students faced with the stresses of a strike once to endure it again.
In addition, neither the administration nor the AAUP should propose radical changes to the next contract. Such changes should be introduced over a period of time and tested through a trial runs, if possible.
For example, a proposal was made to use students’ course evaluations more prominently in assessing professors. Before implementing this idea in a contract, a trial should be conducted of the new system and the results analyzed in conjunction with peer reviews to see if, for example, “easy graders” receive better evaluations, or if student assessment is a good reflection of teaching ability.
While the tension of the last contract has been lightened, it is not permanent. This calm will only last for three years until the storm kicks up again, unless the proper precautions are taken.

The weekly editorials express the
majority opinion of The Rider News.
Both of this week’s editorials were written by the opinion editor, Samantha Sawh.


Printed in the 10/15/14 issue.

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