Freshmen cast votes for Abushaban, Gray, Buonpastore in cutthroat election

By Monique Guzman

After weeks of fierce and creative campaigning, the freshmen elections came to a close the evening of Oct. 2. The winning candidates were Hamzah Abushaban for class president, Robert Gray for class vice president and Mitchell Buonpastore for class treasurer.

“I am here to listen to what you have to say,” Abushaban said. “As president, I welcome the entire class as a whole to share their thoughts and ideas on any issue.”

A double major in Finance and Economics, as well as an active participant in EOP, BSU, Emerging Leaders, SERVES, MSLI, ROCAS, MSA, Dance Team and other organizations, Abushaban’s primary motivation for running for office was because he was interested in promoting the freshmen student body’s ideal future to the best of his ability.

Some improvements he hopes to make include providing more entertainment on campus to keep students from packing up for the weekend, endorsing community closeness, lowering prices to prolong the use of Bronc Bucks, and negotiating store and food-availability hours.

“Leadership is action, not position,” Abushaban said.

Gray, a Communications TV and Radio major, agreed with Abushaban that more big weekend events should be planned to keep students on campus.

“I thought it was a great way to be involved and take a leadership role among the class,” Gray said about his reasons for running. “I’ve always felt the need to voice the opinions and agendas of my own and others.”

Gray was active in high school. He was a student leadership officer and president of the Black Student Union, as well as a member of Model UN, Youth and Government, Student Government and Mock Trial. Currently, Gray participates in several campus organizations.

“Everyone seems to be pretty dedicated,” Gray commented on his party members.
“I feel the relationship between the SGA officeholders and our freshman class will definitely be mutually receptive. I really want to thank everybody. You’ll find organization, action and honest leadership in my actions as vice president.”

Accounting major Buonpastore, the class treasurer stated, “There is no doubt Rider University is a great institution of knowledge. The more involved people are, the stronger the Rider community will become.”

Sharing the concerns of his fellow party members, he hopes to raise school spirit among the freshman class and see more people attending and supporting Rider sporting events.

Active in Emerging Leaders and the Accounting Society, Buonpastore felt that by running for treasurer he could apply his “positive attitude and sense of responsibility toward [his] community and help develop the skills needed to succeed in the business world.”

Buonpastore extended his sincerest thanks to his campaigners and voters and promised to, “work hard to make this year exciting and rewarding for my classmates.”

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