Freshman Thoughts: Placing a delivery order to campus dorms

Are you hungry, but find yourself sick, snowed in, perhaps lazy or with a broken leg? Are you unwilling to leave your dorm under any circumstance, but are so unbelievingly starving? Well ladies and gentlemen of Rider, what if Subway and Cranberry’s delivered to dorms? Food shipped right to the steps of your dorm. It can’t get any more convenient than that.

Walking from Poyda Hall or Conover Hall to almost anywhere on campus is a hassle and a half. Especially for Poyda residents, walking around Centennial Lake on a bitter winter night isn’t on the top of most students’ lists. Even for the dorms closer to the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC), it is still entirely more convenient to have food delivered.

Although Public Safety patrols the campus after dusk for suspicious behavior and to protect students, by all means, it can still be eerie. It is terrifying when the lights fade out around the back of Memorial Hall on the way to Cranberry’s or Subway. With it getting dark out around campus, some students skip the trip to get food for the night.

This program would be relatively easy to set up. First off, both places would need to hire a food delivery staff, similar to Domino’s Pizza, Fat Shack and other local food deliveries. Even though they would have to shell out a little more money for additional staff, the return would be greater. Also, this staff would allow for more student jobs on campus.

Orders could be set up through a system close to what GrubHub has. This system would need to be created through the school or through an outside source. It’s most logical that it would be set up on MyRider where students would need to log onto their account and simply click a button to order.

The system would need to have students input their ID numbers to access their Bronc Bucks, which could automatically be deducted from their accounts, or a credit card option could be used.

Also, your account could have your favorite meals, new items and your order history. This could allow for easier ordering and decision-making for students. The price for Cranberry’s and Subway might be slightly higher, yet the income will make it worth the investment. Their revenues would increase immensely by allowing this new program to run.

Students who are sick would definitely utilize the delivery option the most. There are always times when students on campus are sick and are unable to get up to walk and get food. For people with injuries — those who are on crutches or in wheelchairs — or those students who have night class and miss out on dinner at Daly’s will have the opportunity to relax after their class in their room and eat.

Who doesn’t want food already paid for with Bronc Bucks delivered directly to their dorm? Come on, I think we all know the answer to that.

-Meghan Fitzgerald

Freshman English major

Printed in the 2/22/13 edition.

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