Freshman Frustrations: More advertising needed for campus events

I completed my homework, finished studying for tomorrow’s quiz, went to the Student Recreation Center as well as the gym and cleaned my dorm room. What else is there to do tonight?
Many students on campus complain that all of the University’s fun activities are held on the weekends and there is nothing planned during the week. We are forced to live the same mundane routine every day in hopes that everything will get better by Friday night. As a freshman, I am a little disappointed with the event planning on campus. College is supposed to be the “best four years of your life,” but presently, it is only work, more work and then boredom until I go to sleep. With all of the organizations, clubs and staff on campus, how is there nothing planned during weekdays? No wonder the “freshman fifteen” is so prominent: all there is to do is eat.
The lack of advertising for campus events is also met with frustration. Many times students do not hear about upcoming events that they would have been likely to go to if they had known about them. All students should be aware of upcoming events or sports games, not a select portion. The problem is easily manageable: Hang up fliers in every residence hall and make sure they’re still there every day, since certain people like to collect them in their rooms.
Where and when are the soccer games, tennis matches, track meets and other sporting events? When are the sorority and fraternity get-togethers?
The University should manage the advertising of the campus events. As the main dining facility on campus, Daly’s would be a perfect choice in location to hang a calendar with the month’s events. Each student would be more informed and not miss out on opportunities to be a spirited Bronc while having fun and meeting new people.
Another resource clubs can use to notify the student body of campus events could be text messages and Facebook and Twitter posts notifying students 24 hours prior to an event taking place. This would be the perfect system because in today’s technological world, what student does not have a cell phone, Facebook or Twitter account? It is also a good backup plan along with the Daly’s calendar in case some students do not eat there.
If the problem is a lack of ideas and creativity when putting events together, allow students to think of events they would like to go to. The perfect way to get the student body’s opinions easily and efficiently would be to put a suggestion box by the event calendar in Daly’s. The amount of attendants will surely be impressive because it will be events that students voted for. This problem is easy to solve, and it should be addressed sooner rather than later. Our Bronc memories depend on it.

-Samantha Crawford
Freshman journalism major

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