Freshman First: Student salutes MAACness success

News of this year’s Midnight MAACness floated all throughout campus for the past couple of weeks, and as a freshman, I did not know what to expect. All I knew was that the theme was “Bronc the Vote.” My excitement for the event, however, grew every day as upperclassmen continued to tell me that each year Midnight MAACness gets bigger, better and more fun.

After days of anticipation, it was finally Oct. 12. I first attended Pre-Midnight MAACness, which provided delicious food as well as many activities for students to enjoy, like making wax hands and license plates designed with their names.

Throughout the event, impersonators of the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam greeted attendees. Students were also able to get their faces painted and take edited pictures with friends in the “Oval Office.” It was impossible to be bored with so much to do. I was very pleased with the planning of the night and knew the actual MAACness was going to be even better.

Campaign music was playing while students were waiting in line for the event to begin, which made it feel like you were actually about to attend a presidential debate. After waiting for a long time, the doors finally opened and students poured in. Upon first entering Alumni Gym, I thought the room looked amazing. The red, white and blue decorations were very well presented and the lighting choice was great. The music hyped the entire room of students, inspiring them to sing and dance with their friends.

The performances by the cheerleading squad and the Dance Team were excellent. Their hard work and dedication to practices were reflected in their amazing performances. The music, as well as the routines, captivated the students, especially me, and led me to say, “I wish I could do that.”

The introductions for each player of the men’s and women’s basketball teams were very impressive. The announcer had a voice similar to that of a telecaster for a boxing match. I felt like I was at a professional game.

My favorite part of the night was when the Bronc came out with his “Secret Service,” which was part of the Dance Team, and danced to “Gangnam Style.” My entire section of the bleachers cried in laughter and danced along with him. It was the most entertaining portion of the night.

Midnight MAACness showed me a new side to Rider University. Until that night, I had not known the enormous spirit the Rider community possesses. Students were painted in cranberry and white, dressed in Rider T-shirts and cheering along that no one could dominate us because it is “our house.” It was an amazing experience and one like no other I have had here. I hope the upcoming games and events hosted by the campus are as amazing and spirited. Midnight MAACness transformed me into a true Bronc.

-Samantha Crawford
Freshman journalism major

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