Freshman First: Student gives five stars for fresh start

When I first moved onto campus on Rider’s move-in day, I was scared and excited — scared because I was fearful of becoming homesick, yet excited to meet many new people, eat unlimited amounts of food at Daly’s and work out in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) with my roommate.
All my fears of not being able to function without my family slowly slipped away during my first week. With so many campus events planned, such as rock climbing and a comedian, it was impossible to dwell on my homesickness. Soon, the entire feeling had dismissed itself.
The food is amazing — definitely not what a typical student gets offered at home. There are countless options from the salad bar to the sandwich counter to the pizza station and the dessert bar; it is impossible not to find your pleasure. In fact, if I could fit in all the food at a single sitting, I’d make sure I would try everything.
With all of this food being offered, I feared becoming part of the legendary “freshman 15” statistic. However, Rider’s gym, and the exercise classes in the SRC helped me, as well as other students, avoid that from happening. I work out there every day and, ironically, I have become more athletic and am in better physical shape now than when I first moved onto campus.
Initially, I feared that I might not get along with my roommate. Not getting along with the person who lives with you 24/7 can make a year on campus seem long and tense. Luckily, my roommate and I get along very well — we are practically twins. We enjoy many of the same activities, our favorite one being the exhilarating experience of shopping. I am very happy to say that I am one of the lucky ones to have a best friend develop from a roommate.
I have met many new people during my first semester. I now have a diversified group of friends and everyone is so nice and congenial. This, I believe, will make my college experience much more exciting and enable me to become a well-rounded person as I grow from these new friendships.
This last revelation may be shocking, but I was actually excited to start my classes. I believed with my hard work and dedication, I would do very well. So far I have been successful in my classes mainly because I have been able to manage my time. I will have to keep this in mind during the next two weeks when my first experience with college finals begins. I am not going to worry because at Rider, you never feel alone. Things here are looking bright.

-Samantha Crawford
Freshman journalism major

Printed in the 11/30/12 edition

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