Freshman Findings: The best costumes are home-made

It’s Halloween once again. And here’s the biggest question: What shall I be? A witch? A pirate? Maybe even Snooki?

The possibilities are endless and a quick trip to the Halloween store might get those creative juices flowing. After looking at the racks upon racks of choices, I realize that with the exception of a select few, I’ve seen all of these costumes before. It’s the same thing every year. The same faux tattered pirate costume and the same sparkly witch dress. Not to mention at least three people are wearing the same thing wherever you decide to spend your Halloween night. Which leads me to my biggest point: Why should I dress in the same generic costume as everyone else when I can make my own version of that costume, even bigger and better than before?

Making your own costume has a lot of upsides. A big one is that you’re not limited to what’s in the party store. You can be anything you want to be. Some of the best costumes are not store bought, but made by hand. If you make your own costume, you can put more effort into it, make it your way and ensure that it is durable. Let’s be honest: store-bought costumes are cheaply made and don’t always last through the entire night, not to mention that you’re paying more for them than what they may seem to be worth.

Sometimes store-bought costumes don’t fit right. There’s almost always one person whose tie in the back doesn’t close all the way, exposing his or her clothes underneath and ruining the authenticity of the costume. Making your own Halloween costume can prevent this and have anyone looking amazing in his or her trick-or-treat attire.

Most of the accessories necessary for making your own costume can be found in your closet and throughout your house. Take a homemade zombie costume for example. Grab any old outfit you wouldn’t mind ruining, dirty it up, cut some holes in it and you’re good to go. Just add makeup and some fake blood and you’ll be the most authentic zombie out there. Not to mention no other zombie will look exactly like you. In fact, by using your own clothes, you’ve saved tons of money instead of going out and buying the poorly made zombie costume from Party City.

Halloween is a time to get creative and be someone you otherwise wouldn’t get to be. Making your own costume is simple, easy and not nearly as costly as buying one. Year after year I find myself creating some pretty cool costumes, if I do say so myself. So go ahead and dig through your closet. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that perfect Snooki outfit somewhere. After that, all you need is a perfect bump.

– Danielle Gittleman

Freshman journalism major

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