Freshman Findings: Students ready to rumble

On Sept. 7, the university hosted its first ever Rider Rumble on Daly’s Field.
This was a series of events that had all of the freshmen from different dorms compete in numerous sports including, but not limited to, volleyball, tug of war, hula hoop and numerous field sports.
The teams were split into colors by their dorm. For instance, Conover third floor was the black team, Olson second floor were the beige, Wright sported pink, and the Rumble even had a team for commuters, the gold team.
I believe Rider’s main goal was to get the all of the freshmen together so they could get to know each other with some friendly competition.
The Rumble began with tug-of-war contests. The moderators would call two teams up at a time for knockout rounds. The teams would yank at each end of the rope twice to determine the winner.
Although the day was scorching hot and clouds were nowhere to be found, it was plain to see the freshmen were enjoying the event.
Zaire Cone, freshman biochemistry major, who played for the Ziegler third floor orange team, agreed.
“I just wanted to sign up for as many activities as I could because I knew it was going to be a lot of fun,” he said.
Throughout the games, freshmen from different dorms and commuters were interacting with each other.
According to Manuel Mayorga, a freshman business administration major and commuter, “The Rider Rumble was great. I got to interact with other commuters [and] I got to meet more of the freshmen.”
When the tug of war was over, we headed over to the Poyda volleyball court for more games.
The event seemed to be packed with players but towards the start of the volleyball game more students began to come out to participate with their selected teams.
Cone stated that he wished “more students would have come.”
The setup and organization of the Rider Rumble established the order of events and made sure everything went as close to plan as possible.
When asked about what could have been executed better, Mayorga stated, “[The] timing of the events and more organization.”
The orchestrators planned as well as they could and the event still had a lasting effect throughout the games, bringing fun and friendly competition.
The competition had numerous contests for all interests, even a baking portion.
The fact that Rider attempted to include everyone in the event as well as everyone’s interests was a great way to show Rider’s diversity and support for its students. When everyone can feel the connection and effort being put forth, it makes the event a success in its own right.
If Rider were to continue the efforts of the rumble, you can expect to find both Cone and Mayorga on the field.
“That’s what we are, we’re one unit,” Cone said. “We’re Ziegler, we’re Switlik, we’re Conover, Poyda. We’re just one and you have to believe that and come and do that, be that one. Be one and get to know everyone in your dorm, you might meet some future soulmates, best friends, you never know, so come.”
With that being said, support your school and come out to future Rider events.

–TyQashia Hall
Freshman journalism major


Printed in the 09/23/15 issue.

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