Freshman findings: Springing into action this season

headshot 2_WEBThe harsh winter is slowly giving way to what could be a beautiful spring. Spring brings warmer weather and outdoor fun. There are many adventures to be had now that the cold winds are leaving. Enjoying spring can mean different things to each individual; it can mean dressing to reflect the warmer weather, and it could mean outdoor fun with friends or any variety of activities.
On campus, there are many options for enjoying the pleasant spring weather. The Lawrenceville campus has a lot to offer if you want to enjoy the outdoors. There are gazebos, grills, plenty of outdoor space and sports fields.
The two gazebos on campus are located near the chapel and the lake. The gazebos provide a peaceful place to relax and sit down and provide some shade for anyone already experiencing the pain of the year’s first sunburn. Whether you are watching Netflix together or simply griping about your workload, a gazebo is an enjoyable place to enjoy the spring weather.
The campus also has several grills, located behind Ziegler hall, in front of Conover and by Poyda hall. A group of my friends and I actually took advantage of the warm weather and had a BBQ. Everyone came together to enjoy the warm day, playing football, volleyball and even softball on the grass. We enjoyed our hamburgers and hotdogs during the day and ended the night by roasting s’mores. We made the most of a warm spring day.
If you’re not up to a big affair, then there’s the option of a calmer picnic on the lawn. Rider has plenty of ground space that can be used for a quiet, tranquil lunch on the green.
Additionally, Rider has multiple sports fields in the back of campus where friends can gather to play whatever sport they choose.
Expanding further than the confines of the campus, there are plenty of other fun activities suitable for the springtime. Our campus is a stone’s throw away from Princeton, which has a great shopping area on Nassau Street. There are all sorts of stores lining the street, so take your pick. There are bookstores, clothing stores, restaurants and more.
Princeton has even more to offer with the various events occurring throughout the season. Events such as Communiversity which is scheduled for April 26, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Communiversity is an annual event, set to take place on the Princeton University campus and along Nassau and Witherspoon Streets. The event will feature more than 200 artists, crafters and merchants from around the tri-state area. There will be live music throughout the day and food vendors in the crowd. Admission is free, so why not head down the street to experience what another campus has to offer?
Spring is a great time to explore the outdoors, which can be done just about anywhere. In Princeton, there are parks to walk through or to enjoy a bike ride. These parks include Community North Park, which boasts its own amphitheater.
For those who enjoy being active, Princeton Canoe & Kayak rental is the place to go. Customers can rent a canoe or kayak and can choose a waterway to explore, or take the two-hour Carnegie Lake D&R canal trip.
Spring is a time where the earth begins to regrow and everything is in bloom. Enjoying spring can take on any shape or form one desires, but the first step is simply to get outside.

-Esther Folaranmi

Freshman journalism major


Printed in the 04/22/15 issue.

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