Freshman Findings: New facility facinates comm students

Someone who has previously had a class in Journalism Lab II (J-lab II) in Fine Arts would hardly recognize it. Rider has recently renovated the room and it has gone from “drab” to “fab.” Its new look provides students and professors with more capabilities they would not have had with the previous resources.
Some students, including myself, are lucky enough to have class in this beautiful room this semester. Every student has his or her own personal Macintosh computer during class. The walls have been repainted, new desks have been installed and new comfortable chairs have been chosen. The classroom has a modern, gorgeous look.
Teachers now have the ability to project assignments from their computer onto a large, flat screen television, as well as several others throughout the classroom. With this, each student has a clear view of the material  professors present with each of the TVs that outline the walls of the room. Students no longer have to stretch out of their seats, or move left to right to see what is projected. No matter where a student sits, the material can be easily seen.
The world of social media is very fast-paced. Stories must be covered quickly, typed and sent out to the public. The new technological advancements that have been added to the classroom will allow students to adjust to the fast-paced nature of communication and the media. The new televisions and computers will allow students to process information quickly presented by their professors and complete hands-on tasks as speedily and efficiently as possible.
The lab not only has technological improvements, but also gives students an increased ability for class discussion. The circular design of the J-lab II allows everyone’s face to be visible. No one is hidden behind anyone else. Everyone has an equal ability to voice his or her opinion and be heard in the classroom.
It would be beneficial to all professors, current and prospective students, and the aesthetic value of Rider if all J-Labs were redone like this. Every lab would look amazing and Rider students would benefit from the advantages of a remodeled classroom. If you have not already, visit the lab and see how incredible it really is.

-Samantha Crawford
Freshman journalism major

Printed in the 2/15/13 edition.

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