Freshman Findings: Making meals more delectable

Food is one of life’s many pleasures. I can honestly say that few things bring me more joy than having a meal I truly love, and I’m sure many can relate. However, while I’ve lived on campus, a common complaint I’ve heard is about the food here. I’ve heard numerous grievances about Daly’s: dishes being served over and over, and the quality of its food. Well, I have some humble advice: get creative.
I understand how monotonous it can be to eat the same foods every day. However, food is only as boring as we allow it to be. If anyone out there is tired of eating Daly’s pre-made food, why not try to make something new yourself? My friend and I were feeling this way, and created our amazing taco burger. All we did was place a burger patty in a tortilla, along with salsa, beans, cheese and anything else we wanted. She also went on to make her own rice bowl. When my friends crave meatballs, they cut up burger patties and mix them into their pasta. My roommate even used the microwave to heat up apple pie, and topped it off with some ice cream. Daly’s food can be tasty and can satisfy a wide array of cravings, as long as one is willing to experiment.
Even if you don’t want anything pre-cooked, hope is still alive. Why not be ambitious and try out the wok to fry some rice or veggies? Everyone can cook their food exactly how they want it, with a wide array of options in vegetables and sauces. When we’re in control of our food, we’re in control of the outcome for our taste buds. Also, considering most of us will have to cook for ourselves in the future, this is a great option to start with. I managed to cook some really tasty fried rice, and I’m no master at the wok. No one has to be a chef. You just have to be willing to experiment.
We’re all going to miss our favorite restaurants and home-cooked meals at some point. However, not capitalizing on Daly’s opportunities, and simply complaining, solves nothing. Negativity only breeds unhappiness — and when it comes to something as essential as eating, no one wants to be unhappy. There are so many ways to get creative with the food that is already laid out for us, and even ways to cook our own creations. Life is about experiences and trying new things, so don’t be afraid to tackle Daly’s head-on. Always remember, food is something that can bring great happiness, so make sure every meal is a great one.
-Samantha Sawh
Freshman journalism major

Printed in the 3/5/14 edition.

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