Freshman Blog: Working on campus does have its perks

By Brittany Achilles

I feel like I have the perfect life as freshman, unlike most of my peers. I found a campus job the first day of school, my boyfriend studies at Rider, and I live in the best A wing on campus. When I describe my life at Rider to my friends, and family they are so amazed at how well my life is turning out to be. It is wonderful I must say, but there are many sacrifices.      

While my friends are going to Halloween dances, or going off campus after classes, I am at Rider studying, while I’m working my shift at Starbucks. I have to give up doing activities with my friends, because I have a job. When my friends are eating, I am usually in class. I barely have enough time to make it for the main meal times. Unlike my friends, I don’t go to Daly’s to socialize while I eat. From the time I walk in, eat, and leave I am about 20 minutes, and I usually eat by myself.   

Although I am busy with work, and classes I love being involved in activities and being busy. I feel that I am less likely to get “wasted” or be to “tired” to go to class the next morning. I am on the right track starting my freshman year. I am proud of the decisions that I have made and I love my life.

College is about finding who we are, and the balancing our new lives. My boyfriend has helped me get out and reach for my goals, and interests at Rider. I plan to maintain a 3.5 GPA and to go Greek this year. My intended major is a double major in Elementary Education and American Studies, with a minor in Middle School Education and concentration in history.  In addition, I plan to graduate a year early.  I have high expectations. With a great start here at Rider, I am positive that I will exceed my expectations, and become very successful in life after college.

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