Freshman Blog: Website continues to give options to students

by Thomas Gentile 

            As freshmen, we don’t have a lot of control over what classes we take and when. We do, however, have the power to pick our own professors. And thanks to the website, students can obtain the perfect teacher for themselves.

            Rate My Professor enables the user, as said by the website, to talk to their fellow students about which professors to take or avoid. Rider University has around 600 professor entries and gives details like quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness, and even hotness with an additional blurb about the professor.

            This website gives much more freedom, because in high school there would be only a few teachers teaching a particular subject: two biology teachers, two English teachers per grade, one Psychology teacher, three health teachers. The list goes on and on. If you didn’t like one of the teachers for a class that you had to take, like English, you had a reduced chance of getting a teacher that you’ll actually like.

            When thinking back to my past experiences and asking my friends, they also felt that the website gave a pretty good overview of the professor. Now of course there are going to be some spiteful comments by students who flunked the professor’s class, but usually right underneath it, there is another comment about how the professor is hard but fair.

            Once you take in all the comments as a whole and average them out, the responses about teachers are accurate. I even checked up on the teachers I had last semester and saw that the reviews were right.

            I’ll definitely be using the website when it comes to future course selections, as long as my classes come with options over what professor to take.

            The website feels like reading a novel about a very detailed and deep character. Then, after you are done reading, you feel as if you know the person and can even create an image in your head of what the teacher looks like.

            Rate My Professor gives students the ability to sound off about their professors while also giving feedback to students that may have those professors in the future.

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