Freshman Blog: Vampire saga sparks longing for extra time and less worries

By Sarah Bergen
I wish I were a vampire.
The recent release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn got me thinking that I cannot imagine a life with limitless time. College has made me truly realize how little time there is in a day. The long list of things to do never seems to go away. Tasks are crossed off and instantly replaced by others. The sense of not being able to complete anything has begun to drain my motivation and confidence. Regardless of how much I accomplish today, there will always be more housework, food shopping and papers to write tomorrow.
My boyfriend was the one to snap me out of my fog. I am so thankful that I have him to motivate me in moments of weakness. He simply told me that we couldn’t let ourselves slip into a feeling of laziness. No one accomplishes anything by doing nothing. I thought of all of the stresses that he also has in his life right now and felt pathetic. Now when I lack inspiration, I hear his voice in my mind and push through the day.
If I were a vampire, having all the time in the world wouldn’t be the only perk I would take advantage of. We waste an average of one third of our lives sleeping. Now, I absolutely adore my bed, and sleeping is definitely on my list of top ten favorite activities. But still, I would love to be able to utilize every hour of my life.
Eating is even higher on my top ten activities. However, when I analyze the role that food plays in my life I am slightly disgusted. Our foods are full of sugar, fat and preservatives. Our farms are disappearing. Meat production facilities pump steroids into the animals and are a leading cause of pollution. For many, food is directly connected to their self-esteem. I feel that life would be much easier without the constant need to worry about eating and thinking about what exactly it is that I’m consuming.
I am in no way trying to express my desire to drink blood. Yuck! But I sometimes think vampires are better off than we are, because they are able to live their lives without the constant worries that we college students have to face every day.

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