Freshman Blog: Spring break is finally here

by Neil Rasbury

Time sure does fly. I’ve been in school for just a few weeks and it’s already spring break. I am really looking forward to it since it will give me time to get caught up on schoolwork and take a head start on planning for the summer.

In high school I couldn’t wait for spring break and I still can’t. I’ll have a week to do whatever I want back home, and that sounds great to me.

I really want to organize myself and get my priorities straight for the remainder of the semester. Also it would help for me to start applying for summer jobs. Of course, I will have to get some work done to keep myself on top of all of my assignments that will be due after I get back.

I still have to make a schedule for my classes for next fall semester. I really wish I had more time to decide because I don’t even know what courses to take yet. So far, all I know is that I have to have a list of alternative classes to take in case the ones I want for either my major or my minor fill up. Why is it we have so little time to get everything together? It’s nerve racking. As an incoming freshman, I have course selection on a day after everyone else, and I’ll be worried about my schedule every single day until I can pick.

Also adding to the anticipation of spring break is all of the midterms given before we leave. I definitely had planned on handing in a few assignments, waiting for Thursday night to go to the midnight showing of Red Riding Hood. But of course, that didn’t work out. Instead, this past week was spent studying and stressing, with only the thought of a week’s break to keep me going.

I will be using the time off to talk to my parents. I still have a lot to discuss with them as far as my plans for after this semester ends; for instance, whether or not I should take summer course.

So my last week before break wasn’t anything different that what other students were dealing with – I saw some friends, did a lot of homework and counted down the hours until I could leave. I hope that everyone enjoys their spring break. I know I will.

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