Freshman Blog: First year wraps up perfectly

By Brittany Achilles

The school year has basically come and gone. My parents and I still cannot believe that my first year of college is over. I went home for Easter, and it felt so different to be in my own room, alone and eating “normal” food again. Sometimes I think about how hard it will be to adjust to living at home again. It seems weird, because before you go off to college you wonder the same exact thing — how to adjust to living in a dorm. We get used to our new lives and then we have to go back to our old ones. That is what life is all about, though, if you really think about it. Life is always changing. If you cannot adapt to it then you are left to “bite the dust.”

This semester I became a sister of Alpha Xi Delta. Joining made this semester fly by. I have learned how great it is to be in a sisterhood, and to be a member of the Greek community. I would recommend that everyone give Greek Life a chance, and not to judge it, like a “book by its cover.”

I completed all the goals that I had set for myself coming into college. I had great grades, got a job on campus, figured out my major, joined a sorority and still kept my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend of 2 ½ years. Life could not get any better for me. I thank God, Rider, my sisters of Alpha Xi Delta, the friends that I have made along the way and my boyfriend for that. I cannot wait to come back next year to continue my life journey here at Rider University. See you next year!

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