Freshman Blog: Dorm becoming second home

By Neil Rasbury

After living these first few months in the freshmen residence hall, I can securely say this: If you’re worried about meeting new people and gaining new experiences, Conover residence hall is the place for you. I can say without a doubt that I’m happy to be in Conover. Over the past few weeks I’ve already established friendships, seen best friends turn into couples and had many study group nights for my classes.

The freshmen residence hall isn’t that bad. We all share the same experiences like being late to class and dealing with enormous amounts of homework. However, don’t think that I’m saying Conover is the best experience of my life. It’s far from it.

I think most of you know how loud dorms can get. But try to be in my position. I live on the first floor. I can see people coming in the dorm, and I can hear them coming out. I dislike that the people next to me can blast their music, yet still hear when people talk to them in the room. I find it irritating when people talk loud walking down the hallway when I’m trying to do work, or, in this case, write my first article. I also find it irritating when I’m trying to have fun with my friends on the first floor and I hear obnoxious girls have their boring and overactive conversations. Most of the time, I just want to kindly ask them to go to bed or be quiet because my friends and I are studying. Unfortunately, I’m not the best person in the world to talk about such things when I usually stay in my friends’ rooms until 3 a.m.

Guys coming out of the bathroom without a T-shirt on in just a towel is also not high on my list of things I enjoy at the moment. There are two bathrooms which I discovered in the residence hall recently. So instead of using the main bathroom, they should just go in the C-wing and shower. Another thing that bothers me about Conover is the bathroom. Not to disregard the hard work that the maintenance team does, but whenever I go in the bathroom I notice flies, insects and sometimes vomit on the toilets. If I want to wash my face I really don’t want to see those things flying around.

Moving away from the things that I dislike, I would like to talk about the positive things. You’re always going to meet someone new in the residence hall that you didn’t know lived there. For instance, when I met one of my friends during freshmen orientation, I didn’t realize he lived in Conover until we started going to class together. Another thing find I helpful about Conover are the RAs. They’re always there when you need to get back in the dorm, and they are friendly and nice to talk to.

In conclusion, sure, there are things that bother me about Conover, like the flies in the bathroom, and loud neighbors. However, the majority of my friends I met this year are in Conover with me. I’m feeling more and more comfortable here, day by day. In all honesty, whenever I go home for the weekend, I am so happy to go back to my “home” at Rider University in Conover Hall.

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