Freshman Blog: Don’t drink the water

By Tommy Gentile

Unless you are a robot and do not need water to survive, you are already well aware of the boiled water alert in Lawrence Township and surrounding areas last week. The Rider Alerts went out and almost every freshman I knew received an immediate phone call or text message from our parents.

Obviously I don’t know, but doesn’t poisoning the water supply like some cliché thing that The Riddler would do in an old Batman episode? Holy rusted metal, Rider!

This was just one more thing for us freshmen to add on to our ever-expanding pile of things to worry about in college. While the university was giving out water bottles, this boiled water alert affected a lot more then just hydration.

First, taking a shower, or, more importantly, feeling clean afterwards was impossible. My personal favorite? Brushing my teeth with a water bottle.

The true challenge in all of this was finding drinkable free water when I needed it. So water fountains were out. The Quench machines were unusable because the contaminated water was so invincible that normal means of filtration could not defend us. Even the two coffee shops on campus couldn’t service anyone, even though I thought you had to boil water to make coffee?

Now let’s do a little rundown of what I could not do because of germs. First, I was not able to drink water at the campus eateries. Second, I needed to use Stridex Pads after I washed my face out of fear of making my face even dirtier by washing it with this water. Also, out of total fear of the Bubonic Plague water, I was too paranoid to even cook my delectable Ramen Noodles.

A week or so has passed and we have been spared from the unspeakable evils of the Trenton Water Works. Thankfully there was no water-gun fight for the Battle Of the Buildings.

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