Freshman Blog: Classmates and professors seem like family

by Casey Gale

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is nearly upon us? In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be digging into some turkey (or tofurkey – for those vegetarians), watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and of course, giving thanks with our loved ones.

It is really amazing to think about how fast time has gone by since I began college. Even though we still have a few more weeks to go for the fall semester, I can already begin to feel my classes winding down as we discuss final papers and projects. As far as I can remember, high school never went by so quickly, even though I had quite a few days off in high school between September and the holidays.

What I find most interesting is how well I feel like I know some of the people I met just two months ago. Quite honestly, I didn’t know people I had classes with for four years of high school as well as I know some of my classmates at Rider. While time is breezing by, at the same time, I feel like I’ve been at Rider forever. When I think back to my public school days, they feel like a lifetime ago. I feel as though I’ve had some of my professors for an entire year already. Even though classes meet less frequently in college than they do in high school, there is a much closer bond in college between classmates and between professors and their students. I feel this closeness even without living on campus.

While I am excited to begin new classes in the spring semester, I find myself a little sad to think that I may not have them again with some of my current classmates. At the beginning of freshman year, I realize that everyone is so desperate to know people and make friends that they will essentially become friends with anyone. None of the friendships I have made are artificial, and everyone seems to genuinely love each other’s company. A new semester will bring a new dynamic to relationships with fellow classmates. I can only hope that the new experiences that come will be as good or even better than this semester.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it just had me thinking – I am so thankful that I’m happy here at Rider. That sounds corny, I know, but so many people go to a college they think they will love and wind up hating it. Perhaps that even happens at Rider, but I’m thankful I only have to worry about what classes I’m taking next semester rather than what college I’ll be transferring to. Even though I love Rider, I’m definitely thankful that we’ll be getting a few days off soon.

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