Freshman Blog: Campaigning leaves positive outlook

Brittany Achilles

I recently ran for president of the freshman class. But, I lost the election. However, I learned some valuable lessons for my future campaigning here at Rider. The three lessons would be to have good fliers, to look your best at all times and to get to know as many students on campus as you can. In addition, I realized that one should not go overboard with campaigning, because otherwise your fellow students will find you and your campaign annoying. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to meet students in all years through my campaigning at Rider. Anywhere I go on campus I usually see someone that I met during my campaign. I met some of my closest friends through campaigning, as well. Throughout my campaigning there have been pros and cons. The pros being that I got to know the “ins and outs” of Rider, had the opportunity to meet new people, and got involved on campus. The only con would be that I lost the election.

I will reach my goal of becoming SGA vice president, and I will not stop running for positions just because I lost this one. That would be stupid and immature of me to do so. All I can do is have a better campaign than my last one, have a positive outlook, and never give up. Even though I did not win, I consider myself brave for even going out, and pursuing the freshman class president position.

As cliché as it sounds, there is a reason as to why I was not chosen to be freshman class president. As my mother tells me, and I am positive that everyone else’s mother has told them the same, “when one door closes, another door opens.” God does not make mistakes. He has plans for our lives and is in complete control. We just have to strap our seatbelts on and hold on tight, because it could be a long, bumpy ride.

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