Fresh batch of Broncs settles onto campus

By Emily Klingman

Enter this year’s freshmen, the class of 2019.

Of the newest Broncs, the majority gender is female, 56 percent, a decrease from last year’s freshman class which was 59 percent female.

The most popular names among the freshmen Broncs are Amanda and Michael.

According to Jamie O’Hara, vice president for enrollment management, this is the third year in a row that Michael is the number one name among males at Rider.

This year, Amanda knocked last year’s number one name among females, Samantha, down to number four.

Among this year’s freshmen, the most popular majors are general liberal arts (GLAS) and general business administration (BUSD). The largest major in the freshman class is biology, with 83 freshmen, an 80 percent increase from last year.

While 72 percent of the freshmen are from New Jersey, the class represents 28 states total, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Aside from New Jersey, O’Hara said that most of the freshmen are from New York (67) and Pennsylvania (63).

Other popular states include Maryland (12) and Delaware (10). Eleven students hail from California and another 10 from Texas. The freshman class also includes 14 international students.

Many of the freshmen are eager to start the school year, and consider their transition to Rider a new chapter in their story.

Rebecca Arnold, who is undeclared but looking into a business major, has had her eye on Rider for a while.

“I chose Rider mainly because I got recruited for the cross country and track team,” said Arnold. “I know a few people who also attend Rider, so I heard many great things about the school.”

Since committing to the university, Arnold is anticipating immersing herself into the Rider community.

“I looked into the team and school and thought I made a great match,” she said. “I’m mostly excited for my own cross country meets and I’m excited to meet everyone on my team and also my future classmates.”

As for other ways to get involved on campus, Arnold is open to what Rider has to offer.

“Meeting new people is my absolute favorite,” she said. “I’m trying to look for some clubs that have to do with community service, which I love. I’m not quite sure what else there is so I definitely have to look into some new ones.”

Arnold hopes that Rider will jumpstart a new version of herself, saying her time here is “going to make me be the person I want to be.”

Freshman marketing and sports management major Patrick Auld finds himself at home on campus.

“I came to Rider because of the atmosphere and the people,” said Auld. “Everyone is so positive and it has the type of people I wanted to be around. Rider will help me mature by living by myself and becoming a better person.”

Auld, like Arnold, is looking forward to checking out the different clubs offered at Rider. He is particularly interested in the club ice hockey team.

Brian Villarreal, freshman finance major, had two main reasons for choosing Rider. The small class sizes and how he “felt at home” when he visited were both deciding factors.

Like other freshmen, Villarreal is eager to connect with his new classmates.

“I’m most looking forward to starting a life outside the town I grew up in with new friends,” he said.

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