Financial struggles waiting to be addressed in new term – Democrat

by Jonathan Padron

Today’s severe economic realities present a challenging time for all Rider students. Whether it’s landing a summer internship or a full-time job after we graduate, nothing is coming easy nowadays. The tax base is dependent on these global markets, and at times it’s a great virtue; but today, it’s quite the burden. Jon Corzine, as governor for the past four years, has worked vehemently for us to maintain the services of government we demand while dealing with a shrinking tax base. Corzine was the first governor in the nation to pass a comprehensive economic stimulus plan at the state level, just as President Obama has done at the federal level.
As a former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Corzine knows the economy. He has brought extensive knowledge and sound fiscal policy to this state. In fact, he became the first governor in 60 years to actually cut the state budget by $4 billion while still maintaining property tax rebates for those residents most in need.
Despite the worst recession in American history since the Great Depression, Corzine has implemented programs such as InvestNJ, which is designed to encourage economic growth in the private sector and is projected to create 16,000 new jobs.
New Jersey needs to stay on track in 2009. We need a governor who is willing to work with all facets of business and government. The state doesn’t need a governor who says he’ll refuse federal stimulus money, as Chris Christie has. It doesn’t need a governor who is willing to send thousands of state workers home with pink slips instead of paychecks. Those state workers are our neighbors, our friends and our family members. We need a governor who understands that preschool is an integral step to increasing the likelihood of success for students early on, instead of waiting until we’re too far behind to effectively help students. New Jersey needs a governor who is unwilling to sacrifice the ethical responsibility of the state for the sake of political mantra. New Jersey needs Corzine.
Being governor isn’t easy; often you are a celebrity in your own right. Everything you do is scrutinized, and we all make mistakes, like not wearing our seatbelts and then getting into car accidents. But it takes a real leader — a man who doesn’t even collect a salary for his post — to forego political scrutiny and lead with the mores that birthed this country and this great state. The road to economic recovery is a long one. If we support Corzine, that road will be much shorter.

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