Final Faceoff – Independent

By Heather Shupe

Over the last few months, New Jersey residents have seen television commercials and road signs supporting all three candidates for this year’s election. Instead of mudslinging, Chris Daggett has used his positive ideas on how to improve New Jersey to sway voters. Throughout these past months, Daggett has begun to make plans to improve New Jersey’s educational programs, health-care and pension problems, and the state budget.
Daggett plans on getting rid of the tenure system and replacing it with a five-year check-up system. He wants to raise the standards on high school graduation exams, give students the opportunity of getting a higher education and improve charter schools. He also plans to add more supervision in the classroom to make sure students are receiving the best education they can, getting rid of a specific number of hours needed to remain teaching and bringing the best young teachers to the state. Daggett wants to end pension padding and dual-office holding, and not give new public employees the same benefits program as current employees. Finally, he wants employees at all governmental levels to pay for their own health care.

Daggett is the only candidate willing to admit that there is no quick fix to the state’s $38 billion debt. In order to fix New Jersey’s economic crisis, the state must first fix its health-care problems. The state will have to come up with $80 billion to fund long-term health benefits and pensions for teachers, local government employees and state workers. Daggett wants to do away with these benefits and reduce the state spending by fixing the budget’s structural problems. It’s time for New Jersey to accept change and vote for an independent candidate.

Chris Daggett knows this election is not about the battle between Republicans and Democrats, but the struggle to regain prosperity in New Jersey. With that being said, on Nov. 3 make sure your voice is heard; not as a Republican, Democrat or independent, but as a voter who truly wants to make a difference in this state.

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