Final Faceoff: Gubernatorial race too close to call as the days dwindle – Republican

By Kyle Collins

Democratic control in Trenton has done great harm to New Jersey. Unemployment rates have soared. Taxes and fees have been raised on the hardworking people of this state. There has been a massive exodus of people moving out of the state. Businesses have fled and home foreclosures are up. All the while, incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine has asked for four more years — four more years for the “Wall Street Wizard” to bury us in an even deeper pit of failure. Republican Chris Christie’s plan to solve all this has already been outlined in previous articles over the past weeks.
It is to no surprise that Corzine has had to campaign with figures like President Obama and Newark Mayor Cory Booker. He has no record of his own that merits his re-election. Corzine has spent over $130 million in his pursuit of elected office. In each, he has kept it his goal to bury his opponent with his massive spending power rather than allow for the judgment of each candidate’s policies. This tactic has been described as “corrosive” to the public by Star Ledger columnist Tom Morgan.
One of Corzine’s greatest moral offenses has been his failure to take action to enact the Jessica Lunsford Act. This law has been signed by governors in all but a few states, after the rape and murder of Jessica Lunsford in Florida. Its enactment would establish a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 years for child sex offenders.

I personally have lobbied heavily to get this law passed in New Jersey. I even had a resolution passed in my hometown supporting it. But all the letters I sent to the governor’s office have gone without a response. This has been a dereliction of justice for our children. Christie, however, as U.S. attorney, has long supported this law and would fight to have it passed.
In closing, this state cannot endure another four years of Jon Corzine. We need a governor with new ideas, not more of the same. We need a governor who will finally be tough on child sex offenders. We need Chris Christie.

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