Female student drives onto trailer near Fine Arts circle

By Lauren Lavelle

Bystanders gather around a construction trailer after a student accidentally drove her SUV onto its bed on Oct. 3.

A student accidentally drove her vehicle onto a flatbed trailer next to the Fine Arts circle on Oct. 3.

According to Public Safety Coordinator Michael Yeh, the female student was driving her SUV past the sorority houses toward the science building when the sun obstructed her vision, causing her to drive onto the bed of a trailer unloading equipment for the Fine Arts construction project.

The driver’s side tires were hanging off the edge of the trailer when two tow trucks arrived and safely removed the vehicle from the trailer bed, said Yeh.

No injuries were recorded and there was no damage to the flatbed trailer, Yeh said.

Yeh stated that the damage to the SUV is currently undetermined.

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