Fatima Koroma: Secretary

Hometown: Jersey City, N.J.
Year: Freshman
Major: Business administration
Clubs/Activities: Freshman class president, member of SGA President’s Cabinet, member of SGA Club & Organizations Committee, Leadership Development Program
What kind of changes would you like to see made next year? I would like to see more students aware of SGA and senate.
How would you go about seeing those changes through? It seems not many students know about what we do, and so, as secretary, I plan to do more than my job. Aside from my duties, my goal is to get more freshmen and sophomores to understand how SGA functions. As a result, they’ll take part in SGA activities, such as senate and elections.
Why should students vote for you? I’m passionate about helping to make a difference in the student body. I’m very ambitious. I have great interpersonal skills. I have experience in SGA and I want to contribute to helping our students see how amazing this school is and the endless opportunities it has to offer.

Printed in the 4/05/13 edition.

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