Fashion Secret: Focus on the top and bottom

By Samantha Conforti

The best advice I’ve ever received is ‘if the top and bottom look good, everything else comes together.’ After thinking it through, I’ve realized that this statement is 100% correct! Your hair is an extension of your style and so are your shoes, why would you ruin a perfectly cute ensemble with shoes that don’t match or with your hair in bed-head mode?

So many shoe styles! photo credit: Samantha Conforti

Whenever I’m getting ready in the morning, I always use my shoes as inspiration; do I want to be a little more dressed up today? Do I want to be preppy? Am I in the mood for comfort or can I manage the pain? Once I have the shoes, everything gets much easier. Riding boots go with leggings and jeans, while flats, booties or stacked heel oxfords go with skirts and dresses with the addition of tights (they actually work with jeans as well). Picking the shirt is the easiest part, it all depends on if I’m cold or not. Relying on this system helps me get ready in less than 10 minutes, leaving me plenty of time to do whatever I please in the morning.

My hair is another story. If you have very wavy, frizzy hair and bangs like mine that refuse to cooperate, doing your hair in the morning can be a challenge. I usually leave mine down as it fits most of my outfits, but if I’m wearing a more polished outfit I tend to throw my hair up in a bun; librarian style. It’s always fun to think of different hair ideas or to see different do’s in magazines, but I’m too lazy and stuck in my ways to try anything. And like everyone else, I’d rather sleep those extra 10 minutes instead of curling my hair or attempting to French braid it. I’ve found my usual routine works for me and is pretty versatile for whatever I wear.

Do you have a similar system in the morning? I admit, my system is crazy at times and may not work for everyone, but if you keep my advice in mind, you’re sure to have a fool proof method!

The world is your runway, go ahead, show off!

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