Fall Trends

By Monica Jaramillo

Every day I walk on Rider’s campus, I see various styles, trends and individuality. All sorts of different people are seen on campus and not one person is alike. Each person has their own sense of style and it’s seen every day in their attire, accessories, shoes, etc. Part of someone’s individuality is self-expression through clothing. A lot can be said about a person’s character and personality by what they wear. Fashion is the form of self-expression where people can truly be their own person and be whomever they want. It is an art form where people can express what they please; what people think should not matter.

As to the fashion on campus, I have seen different colors, styles, patterns and trends. The seasons are changing and women are now wearing their boots, cardigans and darker/more fall colors. A must-have is feather extensions in women’s hair. The feathers range in length, color, and style. This is a trend I have seen since summer and it seems to have continued into the Fall. Practically every girl I pass by has at least one. Leggings are still in style and bigger than ever, now in various prints and patterns. I’ve also noticed a lot of stripes in peoples’ attire. Rain boots are still in and are perfect for those muddy, rainy days.

Fashion for the fall season in general is full of various patterns, textiles and more. Being a Sales Associate at a Forever 21, I get to see the upcoming trends. There will be lots of patterns and prints such as stripes, plaid, animal prints, and very autumnal colors. The 70’s are making a comeback with long skirts, wide palazzo pants, and 70’s rock tees. There are also various off the shoulder shirts such as university shirts, graphic shirts with various characters from Disney, Muppets, Smurfs and more. Jewelry is big this season with chunky rings, feather earrings, long pendant necklaces and layers of chains. Blazers of various colors and styles are also big this year. Though these are the upcoming trends, it’s up to an individual to decide what they want to wear and how.

Colorful blazers and layers of chains are in! photo credit: cheapchicas.com

Remember, a trend means the majority of society will be wearing it. That does not mean you can’t take it and make it your own unique style. Dress the way you want and however makes you happy. No one should tell you how to dress, not even some famous Fasionista, for you are your own person and your own personal Fashion designer. Only you know how you like to dress and no one should tell you otherwise. Stay true to yourself and be the fashionista you were made to be.


Monica is a sophomore, Journalism major and Advertising minor at Rider. She hopes to one day write for a fashion magazine in New York City. As a hobby, she has designed some of her own jewelry and clothing with her mother.

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