Fall music mini series: Week 1

J.Cole (left), Rihanna (right)

By Al-Fuquan Green

Music is what feelings sound like, and this fall, emotions will be running rampant. It is for this reason that pop sensation Rihanna and hip-hop newcomer J. Cole’s albums shouldn’t be taken lightly. Rihanna’s long-awaited upcoming record, which has yet to be named, will be a mix of edge and sass with a taste of urban pop. The Barbados native has even set up a Facebook application with which her fans, lovingly known as the “Rihanna Navy,” can interact with each other during the time leading up to her album’s release.

Rihanna has been gracing the world with her music for the past six years, and she’s not planning to stop anytime soon. Reaching out to her fans via Twitter, Rihanna said, “I’ll stop when I’m tired.” Her previous album, LOUD, did well worldwide, selling 4.9 million copies and topping the charts with three number one singles.

As for J. Cole, this will be his first lead project from his newly joined label, ROCNation. J. Cole has been very much anticipated in the rap world, due to the fact that his mixtapes have done so well on the web and in the streets. J. Cole is an artist that has been misunderstood and underestimated in the past, but all skepticism may be put to rest once his debut album drops.

Look for J. Cole’s new album in stores next Tuesday, Sept. 27, and keep an eye out for Rihanna’s new album sometime this Fall.

Be sure to pick up next week’s copy of The Rider News for Part II of the Fall music mini series.

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