Face-Off: Dean: Freshmen seminar benefits students

deanmayoFreshman Seminar is about the transition to college from high school. A number of important topics are discussed including time management, campus resources and Rider technology. One of the most important things that we do in seminar is focus on four-year planning, and the importance of planning ahead. We talk about the course selection process and help the freshmen get ready for their appointment with their advisers.
Additionally, since seminars are set up by department, faculty go into the seminars to talk about a number of issues including major requirements, tracks in a major and other opportunities. The peer mentors are students in the same major who discuss student opportunities (clubs, professional societies, etc.) as well as sharing their experiences and how they (the peers) have handled juggling courses and activities. Students are also introduced to important services such as Career Services, Sustainability, Public Safety and others. Finally, seminar is a place where the seminar leaders and peers can direct students who are having issues to the proper resources.
I feel that seminar is very effective, and the evaluations at the end of the semester indicate that students also find the experience valuable. The skill and experience of the seminar leaders vary, but all of the seminar leaders are volunteers, and do this because they genuinely want new students to get off to a great start, and I think that the students recognize this.

–Dean Ira Mayo
Associate Dean of Student Affairs


Printed in the 10/14/15 issue.

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