Eyes Up, Ears Open: Join the “Fun.”

By Ryan Hanratty

This week I would like to make note of a band that has just begun to work in the spotlight. The indie – pop/punk esque trio, Fun. just released their 2nd album on February 21st. The band found its start in New York back in 2008 when three musicians first came together. Nate Ruess, formerly a member of the Indie band, The Format, came to New York from his home state of Arizona to reboot his musical career. Ruess then saw promise in veteran musicians Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff. It was not long after that Fun. was formed.

The band found its first taste of success from their debut release “Aim & Ignite” on Nettwerk Records in 2009. The album featured 3 singles and eventually led to a live album called fun: Live at Fingerprints. From then on, the band would go on to tour with acts such as Jack’s Mannequin, Relient K, Panic! At the Disco, and Paramore. It was after these tours that Fun. had announced they would be signing with major label, Fueled by Ramen.

Fun. on the cover of the March 10, 2012 issue of Billboard magazine (photo credit: ournameisfun.com)

Once September 2011, rolled around Fun. had made mention of the upcoming single called “We Are Young” which would feature vocalist, Janelle Monae. The song made its world premiere during the 2012 Super Bowl on a highly praised Chevy commercial. The single was followed by the album “Some Nights” which has been very well received. Some songs on the album which I enjoy are “We Are Young,” “Some Nights,” and “It Gets Better.” The overall sound of the compilation, in my opinion, seems to resemble a mix of a modernized Queen and Kansas. I personally recommend the album to anyone who enjoys a refreshing new sound that maintains an upbeat attitude throughout.

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