Eyes Up, Ears Open

By Ryan Hanratty

What’s New? (Oct. 25th, 2011)

Mylo Xyloto – Coldplay (Alternative/Pop)

El Camino – The Black Keys (Blues/Rock)

Clancy’s Tavern – Toby Keith (Country/Pop)

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson (Pop)

When You’re Though Thinking, Say Yes (Acoustic Remake) – Yellowcard (Pop-Punk)

Sweat (Single) – Bow Wow (Pop/Rap)

Empty Hands & Heavy Hearts – Close Your Eyes (Emo/Pop-Punk)

Dance (Single) – Big Sean (Pop)

Party (Single) – Beyonce (Pop/R&B)

Lucky Street – Go Radio (Emo/Alternative)

Come as You Are (Nirvana Tribute) – Various Artists (Punk/Alternative)

United State – Brand New Sin (Rock)

Narcissistic Cannibal (Single) – Korn (Nu-Metal)

Some Kind of Hate – Aiden (Emo/Horror Punk)


Something to Check Out

Come as You Are: Reimagine Musics new album, photo credit: Ryan Hanratty

Come as You Are is what Reimagine Music is telling its fans. The label just released its tribute album dedicated to Nirvana’s NevermindNevermind hit shelves twenty years ago and has been celebrated in more than a few ways this year. Reimagine’s album follows the exact track listing of the original and all the songs have been covered by different artists. The title Come as You Are is rather fitting because the album brings bands of so many different influences together. Some tracks, such as “Smells like Teen Spirit” is unlike anyone’s heard before while others such as, “Breed” are the same down to every chord. A few of the bands on this album include Finger Eleven, Civil Twilight, Story of the Year, and Hawthorne Heights. The clever mix and use of sound definitely make this album worthy of Something to Check Out!

Something Notable

Mylo Xyloto: Coldplay's new album, photo credit: Ryan Hanratty

Coldplay’s fifth album, Mylo Xyloto was just released this past week under Parlophone Records. This great album demonstrates that the band’s interest in experimenting with new sounds has not changed. This album has a more industrial and electro sound which is rather different for the groups past efforts. The album is said to be a concept album which is about a boy and girl: Mylo and Xyloto.

Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer, stated that he was inspired by American Graffiti and the HBO series called The Wire. The album has already had three singles, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,” “Paradise,” and “Princess of China.” The song “Princess of China” has become well know due the track’s collaboration with singer, Rihanna.


What’s Happening on The Bronc!!!

Bacon Stripes – Monday’s 8pm to 10pm The Best in Variety Music

The Brew w/ Brandi – Tuesday’s 12pm to 2pm Indie Music

3 O’Clock Ska Block – Thursday’s 3pm to 4pm Ska/Punk

PUNK! – Thursday’s 10pm to 12am Punk

–       Special Guest: Shadowplay (November 3rd)

Jimmy Strummer’s Vintage Vinyl – Friday’s 3pm to 5pm Punk/Rock

Check out http://www.1077thebronc.com for more show information!

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