Executive Board: Treasurer

Justin Baldwin

Hometown: Hainesport, N.J.
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing
Clubs/Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Finance Board Chairman, Spending Committee
Why are you running for this position?  I am running for this position because I feel that with all that I have accomplished in my time in SGA through being a member on the Finance Board to running the Finance Board as Finance Board Chairman, that SGA treasurer is right on track and the next step up to what I can accomplish here on campus to make Rider a better place.  I love what I do on Finance Board and I know I will be able to take that enjoyment and passion to the next level as SGA treasurer.
Why should people vote for you?  People should vote for me based on experience, qualifications and interest.  I have worked with SGA finances through the Finance Board and through Spending Committee for the past two years.  I am highly qualified for the position and because of my experience on Finance Board, it will not take a lot of time for me to transition into the position of SGA treasurer. I am also very interested in working with the SGA Executive Board and President’s Cabinet next year to make a difference for the Rider community, as well as continuing to work with the Finance Board, which I have loved having the honor to serve on for the past two years.

Louis Chebetar

Hometown: Cross River, N.Y.
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting
Clubs/Activities: Rider Runners, Residence Hall Association, Beta Alpha Psi, Leadership Development Program
Why are you running for this position? Since the start of my time at Rider, I have enjoyed accounting, working with student leaders and leading several initiatives on campus. I hope to take my experience thus far and combine it with the enjoyment of learning a new tradition in preparing for the Student Government treasurer position.
What changes would you like to see made next year?
I would like to see more transparency, disclosure and communication on campus. With access to this information, we could more effectively budget, plan and work together towards becoming a true Rider community.
How would you go about making those changes? As Residence Hall Association CFO, I have made communication a priority by creating the CFO Budget Board, by digitalization of all the budgets and related receipts and by posting these materials to Blackboard.  As Student Government treasurer, I hope to make information accessible in a similar fashion to the student body. The student body should know what they are spending and who they can contact to make a potentially great event at Rider a reality.

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