Exclusive: R U Inked?

Junior Brandi Lukas has a vibrant peacock that spans almost a foot in length down her right side to display her undying love for the animal.
Located on her ribcage, senior Allie Gladstone’s cross transforms into an anchor, symbolizing how she’s anchored to her religion.
Junior Lucy Higgins is a British citizen who proudly displays her heritage with English roses and “God and my right” in French.
While studying abroad in China, junior Nari Watanabe got these characters down his back. The first two are Japanese for family, the second two are Chinese for friends and the last two are a collaboration of Japanese and Chinese characters for success.
Senior Kyra Haughney shows pirate enthusiasm with Jack Sparrow’s tattoo from Pirates of the Carribean.
Sophomore Christina LoBrutto shows her parents’ heritage, symbolizing how she’s a first-generation American.
Junior Zac Bacco details his zodiac symbol, Pisces.
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