Everybody Loves Lei: Rider’s YouTube sensation and Greek member

by Jessica Nunes

Students at Rider have many roles on campus, some of which include being a part of the Greek community, as well as many other outside organizations and endeavors. 

Leilani Arias, a junior elementary education major, is an active member of Alpha Xi Delta and a YouTuber with just over 6,000 subscribers. 

Arias has been a member of Rider’s chapter of Alpha Xi Delta since Spring 2018. 

“Alpha Xi Delta is my home because I feel like I’ve made very strong connections and formed lifelong friendships. I know I can always count on these girls to have my back and I can just go to them whenever,” Arias said. 

Even though she is supported by her family, friends and sorority sisters, being an active member of the sorority, a commuter and a full-time Rider student has made it a bit difficult to find time to make videos for her YouTube channel called “Love Lei.”

On her YouTube account, Arias talks about the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. 

“I am a subscriber of Love Lei and I absolutely love [Arias]. Her videos are all super fun and I especially love her haul and travel videos,” said Stephanie Garcia Diaz, a sophomore criminal justice major.

Arias has been a YouTuber since she was in middle school and was inspired to start the channel because of her mom, who is a fan of fashion trends. Having this YouTube account will be exceptionally beneficial for her when she graduates and becomes an educator, she said. 

“I think it has really helped me be more comfortable talking to a larger audience. Even though I don’t see my audience through YouTube since I’m literally talking to a camera, I know when people click on my video, it’s usually hundreds of thousands of people watching,” said Arias. “So I am really starting to become comfortable talking to a larger audience.” 

In February 2019, Arias felt she needed a break to focus on her school work so she has stopped making videos. 

“I have decided to put school first because obviously college and schoolwork is more important, but it was very hard to keep up with it especially that I attend classes Monday through Friday and I don’t have any breaks,” said Arias. “During the weekends I have work, too. So it was very hard to find time, sit down, film a video and edit it.”

Because she has this experience with media, Arias took on the role of external marketing director, where she works with the communications vice president and makes flyers for her Alpha Xi Delta chapter. 

Arias has made such a large impact on Rider’s community by being a part of Greek life, sharing her talents and hobbies on YouTube, being the public relations chair of Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society and striving to be a future educator. 

Arias will be returning to post YouTube videos on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends beginning in 2020.

Editor’s Note: The author of this article, Jessica Nunes, is also a member of Rider’s chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. 

Published in the 12/4/19 edition

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