Editor’s Corner: Promoting pride here at home

tara2_WEBWe constantly drone on about potholes in the parking lot, puddles as large as lakes that emerge when it rains, drabness at Daly’s and the alleged lack of things to do on weekends. In the wake of these complaints, it seems many of us forget what made us choose Rider in the first place. There are so many colleges out there. Why Rider?
Simply put, this university is a vibrant community.
We try to say nothing goes on during weekends, but in reality, the Student Entertainment Council and the Student Government Association offer a menu of events. From the Bill Nye appearance to comedians to the I Love College events, there are opportunities that appeal to everyone. Additionally, between Division I sports and amazing theater productions, there’s, if anything, too much to do.
Aside from such events, Rider has organizations and clubs ranging from intramural sports to book clubs that allow students to connect with each other and get involved. Our location is ideal. There is so much to do in the area as part of a club or just with friends. Rider is less than a 20-minute drive from Princeton, a 45-minute drive from Philadelphia and an hour train ride from New York — with the train station in Hamilton being only 10 minutes away.
We are truly in the center of everything. Not only is it perfect for things to do on weekends, but it is also fantastic in terms of career and internship opportunities. While internships are not required for every major, having everything close by makes them easier to find. Rider’s faculty is extremely helpful and supportive in terms of helping students find internships and conduct a job search. Between career fairs and advisers, there is help out there. You just have to take advantage of it.
Another complaint that seems to come up is the issue of price. This university offers millions in scholarships every year, and there are so many opportunities to find ways to save. Students, after their freshman year, are eligible for the Rider Advantage Scholarship. There is also an endowment scholarship available that all students can apply for in the financial aid office. The application process is easy — to be considered, you just have to get an application from the financial aid office and hand in a résumé with it. The financial aid office is always available to help students. My financial aid adviser is always there when I need help. She has shown me that the financial aid advisers are not only there to figure out the finances, but to really help and get to know us.
In terms of our dining options, we have a lot of room to be creative — we’re lucky. Even on the days when Daly’s might be a little off, there’s a lot of room to try new foods. Take the walk to Cranberry’s or even go off campus to one of the many restaurants in the area.
Again, we’re lucky. At Rider, we are at a school that really cares about its students. Between advisers, professors, administrators and classmates, we are never alone.
To those who question their decision of coming here, look back at your first visit here or look back at the day you committed to Rider. When I think back to my first visit, at the risk of sounding cheesy, I found that Rider was the first and only university I visited that felt like home. And I was right. Rider has given me so much and has helped me find every avenue toward achieving my dreams. It can do that for everyone who goes here. As students, we’re very fortunate with what we have here; you just have to take advantage of the many opportunities the school offers.

-Tara DeLorenzo
Senior English-writing major


Printed in the 04/08/15 issue.

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