Editor’s Corner: On-campus employment offers flexibility


As college students, we work hard enough as it is. Not only are we constantly studying for exams, writing papers or completing group projects, it seems like there’s always something to be done.
Of course, when we do have some down time, it’s always nice to treat ourselves with some retail therapy or time with friends. Unfortunately for us, we’re already spending a fortune on our tuition. Therefore, it’s hard to have some extra cash for fun.
Luckily for Rider students, we’re located near Route 1 where there are a number of stores, restaurants and even the Quakerbridge Mall, where students can find a job.
There are always some complications with that, too, though. It’s off campus, so a mode of transportation is a must. Then there’s the crazy hours and having to work around classes and extra-curricular activities.
Students who have the opportunity to work on campus get the best of both worlds.
While there are not enough jobs on campus for every student to have one, those who do are extremely lucky.
All jobs on campus are walking distance away for residents. No transportation is needed, and no gas money is spent.
Your chances for getting a job increase if it has something to do with your major, such as working for the TV studio as a lab assistant or assisting a professor with a project or study.
Above all, campus employers understand that school comes first and recognize its importance before work. For on-campus jobs, student workers cannot clock more than 20 hours per week, allowing them to make money and also have time for studying and other homework.
Most importantly, employers on campus are flexible with work schedules. You can work around your class time because your education always comes first.
As a student worker on campus myself, I can honestly say that it is the best. I don’t have to worry about driving to my job; I just walk there when it is necessary. I am able to work my classes and my job schedule together, so I am able not only to work and get paid, but also to have enough time to study and complete my homework.
While working on campus, I’ve also made a number of connections with professors and administrators; it’s easy to get to know them when you work so closely together. Becoming close with professors and administrators can really help in the long run. They have connections that others do not, so they can help you find an internship or write a letter of recommendation since they know you so well.
It may seem nearly impossible to find a job on campus since they’re so limited, but don’t give up. Ask around and check the Broncs Career Link for any open opportunities. It’s always nice to have some extra pocket change to spend, and working on campus is the best way to get it.

-Danielle Gittleman
Opinion Editor

Printed in the 4/23/14 edition.


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