Editor’s Corner: Hunting down holiday deals

You spend 30 dollars here on a video game for your brother, 40 bucks there for those earrings your sister hinted at; sure, they are things you know your family would enjoy and use, but how does your bank account feel about these purchases and how does the disappearing money affect the rest of your winter break?
Buying gifts for family and friends around the holidays can seriously put a dent in your savings or what little you have to begin with; let’s be real, we are only college students. No matter the price, we feel obligated annually to give gifts to loved ones who will be giving to us in return.
We are not in the same place financially as some others in our life, so it’s hard for us to put up the cash for all the gifts we would like to buy people. Although it can feel like a struggle, it shouldn’t be a hardship that plagues our minds during the holiday season — we have plenty of final exams and papers already on the brain.
A present’s price shouldn’t determine how much we are actually willing to give back to the people we love. Instead, we should really keep in mind this winter that it is the thought behind the gift that counts, not the price tag.
In order to accomplish this, there are a few things you can do. First, you can start by looking at websites and stores with discounts, such as amazon.com or stores like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, which have name-brand items for cheaper than retail stores.
Even the Rider Bookstore can be a great place to find deals for presents. By attending a basketball game you get a 20 percent-off coupon on the back of your ticket for the bookstore and there are always things on sale. It is definitely worth it to look around for a price worth paying before shelling out every dollar you have to your name.
An even more cost-efficient route would be to create your own gift for that special someone. When making a present from scratch, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. Head on down to the local Michaels or other art supply stores and go all out, grabbing a bunch of things you can use. You don’t always have to start from nothing; you can buy an item to decorate or personalize. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also add a personal touch to the gift you’re giving.
When it comes to the holiday season, we all feel the need to give to those who have given so much to us, but it doesn’t always have to be detrimental to our bank accounts.
-Kristy Grinere
Opinion editor

Printed in the 12-7-12 edition

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