Editor’s Corner: Creating connections with clubs

When you enter any institution of higher learning, it is first and foremost for the purpose of obtaining a top notch education in your field of interest. Yet another very important part that helps round off your experience is being involved outside of the classroom.
Being such a diverse campus, Rider contains a multitude of sports, clubs, intramurals and organizations to join. From Greek Life and the Student Government Association to club sports and community service clubs, there’s something here for everyone.
And it isn’t difficult to get yourself into the organizations that you want. For most clubs, it can be very simple. All you have to do is start showing up and getting yourself involved. Showing your interest from the start can help you fully immerse yourself into the club or organization you choose.
Some students may not be aware of all the different organizations there are on campus, but there are ways to get yourself acquainted with them. Right from the get-go at the beginning of each semester, Rider holds an Awareness Day, which is an event dedicated to informing students about the various clubs and activities that exist on campus. This can be a good way to find out your options and join something you have a passion for. The Rider website is also a good source for finding a new group.
While it may be too late in the semester to jump into an extracurricular now, it is still an important option to keep in mind for next semester. Being a part of something other than classes can boost your résumé, help you hone skills you can’t necessarily learn from a class and really make a difference in your Rider experience, not to mention, being a member of something you have a passion for or are good at can be fun. You get to meet new people and take a break from class work for something you really enjoy doing.
I know I would have never had the same four years I had without being a part of the campus groups I participated in. Not only can it help make you a more well-rounded individual, but it can also provide you with memories, unique friendships and a true appreciation for the university you attend.
-Kristy Grinere
Opinion Editor

Printed in the 4/26/13 edition.

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